Community Development Through Polytechnic

Community Development through Polytechnic scheme is a scheme governed by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (Govt. of India). This is one of the key schemes which was started under the direct central assistance with a view that community polytechnic should act as focal points for development of rural community through the application of science and technology in the rural and generate self employment opportunities through non-formal training in various trades.

This scheme is to promote and provide benefits to rural youth, women, school dropouts,
SC‘s, ST‘s and other weaker sections of the society.
The scheme was started in the year 1978-79 in 35 polytechnics on experimental basis with a view to ensure benefits of technical education to the rural society. Some of the major activities of community scheme are:

1. Socio Economic survey
2. Manpower Development
3. Technical Services
4. Technical Support Services
5. Transfer of Technology
6. Dissemination of information

The scheme was restarted by MHRD on 01-08-2010, 1503 students have been benefited till March 2017 in our institute . Out of these 375 students have been employed including wage and self employment since the inception of the scheme. At present the scheme is under review by the Institute.