Excursion / Educational Trips

Going on a Educational  trip means more than simply leaving the college grounds. Educational trips should always have a major educational element, but the impact of Educational trips can extend much further. The importance of Educational trips includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom

  • New Sights:-When students and teachers are together outside the classroom, new educational environments and experiences are possible. Students may have the opportunity to observe many things that are not available at college.
  • Bonding:-Getting away from the everyday atmosphere of the classroom gives students an opportunity to spend time with each other in a new environment. Students may be able to spend much of the Educational  trip day in small groups, observing, chatting and learning about each other.
  • Informal Learning Environment:-Educational trips provide valuable educational opportunities away from the classroom, without using textbooks and other tools used in a normal college setting.
  • Fun:-Students will have fun with their friends and they also may return to the Classroom with a renewed focus on their college work.